How to Make Your Pictures Look Like Watercolor Paintings

Remember the review of the app ArtistaOil I did a while back – showing how to make your photos look like oil paintings?

While it does a terrific job transforming images to paintings, the look is definitely that of an oil painting. Now, I’m not a painter, but I took enough art in school to know there is a big difference in the appearance of oil paintings and watercolors.

Watercolor paintings often have a softer, more translucent effect to them, due to the nature of the paint and technique. Because watercolor painting uses water, the paint runs more — so edges and lines are not as hard and defined.

So, what if you want to transform your photo into a watercolor type of painting?

Check out the app Aqaurella.

Made by the same company as ArtistaOil (JixiPix Software), its no surprise the app has a similar interface.

Once you upload a photo to Aquarella, you can select the style you want for your painting using the Style menu.


In addition, you can adjust the Color, Texture, Wash and Bloom of the painting using the Adjust menu.


Below are some before and after shots for comparison.



I think I like the softer watercolor look of Aquarella compared to that of ArtistaOil.The transformation is less obvious than that of the other app, but still looks different from the photo.

Which look do you prefer?

NOTE: I am not affiliated with the app, nor did I get paid for this review. I just liked the app and wanted to share it with you.

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