5 Fabulous iPhone Photography Websites

Have you ever seen a creative photo technique on Instagram and wondered how it was done? Curious about the best app for things such as long exposure and self timer photos? Here’s a roundup of 5 great go-to iPhone photography websites. Be sure to bookmark them or register for their newsletters to get the latest […]

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mobile photo rain

April Showers? Rain Makes Great Mobile Photos

April showers got you down? Don’t let the thought of getting a little bit wet and perhaps muddy keep you from creating some fantastic mobile photos. Many times the people who claim they’ll do “anything for the shot” save their mobile photo adventures for sunny days. They are missing out on some great photo ops! […]

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long exposure image

Creating Long Exposure iPhone Images

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to create long exposure iPhone images? Well, of course there is an app for that. Long exposure photos are used for lots of artistic effects. You’ve probably seen long exposures used in traditional photography in the following types of images: Light trails of cars on a […]

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bw app feature image

Best Black and White Photo Apps for Stunning Images

Most photo editing apps have one to three black and white filters, but they are typically not the primary focus of the app. In order to have more control over your images, try one of these black and white photo apps dedicated to making your images fantastic. Simply B&W Simply B&W is, as its name […]

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iphone apps camera image

When Not to Use the Native iPhone Camera App

In the majority of instances, the native iPhone camera app does a fabulous job. However, there are some cases when using a special camera app will take your camera beyond the limits of the built in iPhone camera. Here are time when not to use the native iPhone camera app – and the apps to […]

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instagram alternatives image

Instagram Alternatives for Photo Sharing

Instagram is my favorite image sharing app. However, it’s my passion has little to do with the app and more with the community I have built there. There are certain people whose work I love and spent a good amount of time commenting on and liking their images. If you are looking for Instagram alternatives, […]

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7 Secret Instagram Tips

Now for new subscribers – sign up for our newsletter and immediately receive Photorelli’s 7 Secret Instagram Tips [eBook] Just some things you’ll learn: how to find the best hashtags quickly how to auto backup your images in a snap how to organize your Instagram images Get it now – You will receive the eBook […]

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10 Quick Instagram Tips to Be an Expert User

Want to make the most of your Instagram experience? Here are 10 Instagram tips to take you from a basic to expert user in minutes flat. 10 Quick Instagram Tips Don’t want to post a square image to Instagam? Use an app like InstaSize to add borders so it fits. Hate your cramped Instagram bio? […]

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How to Post Non Square Photos on Instagram

Sometimes the square format of Instagram images can feel limiting. Forcing tall trees into a square can mean having to visually chop off their tops or bottoms. Choosing which section of the wide landscape image just doesn’t do the picture to justice. Here’s an example of an image that doesn’t look as great in square […]

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