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When Not to Use the Native iPhone Camera App

In the majority of instances, the native iPhone camera app does a fabulous job. However, there are some cases when using a special camera app will take your camera beyond the limits of the built in iPhone camera. Here are time when not to use the native iPhone camera app – and the apps to […]

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Instagram Alternatives for Photo Sharing

Instagram is my favorite image sharing app. However, it’s my passion has little to do with the app and more with the community I have built there. There are certain people whose work I love and spent a good amount of time commenting on and liking their images. If you are looking for Instagram alternatives, […]

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7 Secret Instagram Tips

Now for new subscribers – sign up for our newsletter and immediately receive Photorelli’s 7 Secret Instagram Tips [eBook] Just some things you’ll learn: how to find the best hashtags quickly how to auto backup your images in a snap how to organize your Instagram images Get it now – You will receive the eBook […]

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10 Quick Instagram Tips to Be an Expert User

Want to make the most of your Instagram experience? Here are 10 Instagram tips to take you from a basic to expert user in minutes flat. 10 Quick Instagram Tips Don’t want to post a square image to Instagam? Use an app like InstaSize to add borders so it fits. Hate your cramped Instagram bio? […]

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How to Post Non Square Photos on Instagram

Sometimes the square format of Instagram images can feel limiting. Forcing tall trees into a square can mean having to visually chop off their tops or bottoms. Choosing which section of the wide landscape image just doesn’t do the picture to justice. Here’s an example of an image that doesn’t look as great in square […]

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instagram bio spacing

How to Improve Instagram Bio Spacing

Have you noticed you can’t add the return key to add a new line in your Instagram bio? It makes your Instagram bio look cramped and is hard to read. Luckily, there’s a quick workaround that will fix this. Watch this short tutorial or check out the steps below to improve your Instagram bio spacing. […]

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snow effect added

How to Add Snow to Your Pictures

Here in the Midwest USA, we’ve had record snowfall and crazy cold temps this winter. Snow in an image sure looks beautiful, but it is difficult to capture the snow as it falls. If you try long exposure, you’ll probably end up with big snow streaks. Big snowflakes can look mess up the auto focus. […]

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photo walk

15 Items to Take on an iPhone Photo Walk

Going on photo walks can be lots of fun. Seeing new places and meeting new people can be a terrific way to reignite your creativity. However, if you aren’t prepared, there could be some hiccups along the way that may make your photo walk less enjoyable. Most of the items on this list I’ve learned […]

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5 Apps to Make Your Photo Look Like a Painting

Adding filters and textures to your iPhone photos is fun, but sometimes you want to go very artistic with your images and make them look like paintings. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to chose from. Here are my favorites. Top 5 Apps to Make Photos Look Like Paintings 1 – Glaze Glaze provides a […]

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